5 reasons why you are still single

Wondering why you are still single despite putting in efforts for a while? Well, it can be due to a number of factors. Here, we'll discuss some common reasons that might be holding you back from love. If you choose to remain single, then it's absolutely okay and no one is forcing you to be in a relationship. Also, being single is not bad at all, as it allows you to enjoy plenty of me-time. However, if you are still single and unhappy about it, then there are some possible reasons that you need to figure out! In this article, we bring you a list of the most common ones among them. You don't go out and meet people Let's start with the obvious one. If you don't go out much, it reduces your chance of meeting new people (there's the option of meeting people online, but it doesn't work in most cases). And this, in turn, can't allow you to find a relationship. You have to go outside, befriend a bunch of people, and build a strong network. Be patient and see what happens along the way. You are heartbroken This is something a lot of singles struggles with. If you have had your heart broken, then there's a high chance that you are yet to move on from that. And if you've been cheated, then you might be afraid that it will happen again. In such cases, do give yourself time and get over the past as soon as possible. You love being independent As mentioned earlier, being single allows you to have lots of independence. You can do everything on your own, and don't have to spend time with someone else. However, the problem starts when you start getting comfortable being alone. In such a situation, your conscious mind asks you to be in a relationship, while your subconscious mind holds you back for obvious reasons. You have unrealistic expectations Bollywood has set unrealistic relationship goals for most youngsters in India. If you're searching for love, just understand that it won't be picture-perfect, and no one is going to treat you like the way those films show. So, you definitely have to get over all those fairytale things to get love in reality. You are yet to meet the right person There's a famous quote - "You are single because God is busy writing the best love story for you." No matter how silly it sounds, you have to accept the fact that you haven't met the right person yet. It may take more time than usual, but you need to have patience and expect to come across the one sooner or later. Finding love is not easy for all, and there's no doubt about that. Just work on yourself, lead a meaningful life, and it will better your chances for sure.