5 Classic Stair Decoration Ideas

Stairs-the steps to making your home more appealing. 

As a child, you must have made many golden memories running up and down the stairs with your peeps. The modern-day makes us look at the stairs as an obnoxious work out regime. Any floor without a lift is nothing lesser than a sheer penalty. However, if you are blessed with a flight of stairs in your house, do not let it get wasted. The stairwell is one of the places that can change the whole look of your home. Hanging your creative crafts, putting up family pictures in ascending order or placing the indoor plants! Stairs are the best way to go about it! Here are some of the layout ideas you can look at to prepare the stairs’ design at your home.

  1. The Step Plantation-

If you have a flight of stairs adjacent to the window, here is the best idea to execute. Get some pots that fit the stair breath perfectly and place them at the side. Align the cans on each step all the way to the top. Once the plants sprout, they will use the handle rails as support, and you can have gorgeous wines hanging from the stair side.

  1. The Picture Gallery-

If the stairs’ flight is relatively narrow, you can keep the space empty and engage the wall space adjacent to the stairs. Get the favourite photos printed and framed and align them so that they are in eye level of anyone getting on and off the stairs. Ensure they are hung on sturdy nails that won’t come off due to the steps’ vibrations.

  1. The Winding Stairs-

Many of us fancied the winding stairs due to the aesthetic and classic look. It does give a retro feel without taking up much space. The easiest way to decorate it without losing space is to wind rice lights on the central pillar. There is nothing more attractive than little lights to show you the path.

  1. The Glass Stairs-

If you have the privilege of renovating your stairs, do not stick to the mainstream. Instead, take the help of modern engineering to made glass steps lead the way. Make sure you hire professionals for it, appealing as it is, try to avoid it if you have kids under the age of 10 at home.

  1. Tornado Staircase-

The beautiful tornado staircase is what we see in movies, and it does give a warm room feeling from within. Constructing the sides with fiber glass ensures light passage without engaging much space.

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