5 Books You Should Read to Boost Your Mental Health

There’s nothing that a good book cannot fix. So, whether it is a day that is making you anxious or maybe just blue –make some coffee, sit at your favourite spot and pick up a book. Here are five books that would boost your spirit up and help you battle that day when you are just not feeling yourself!

Noise on a Nervous Planet
‘Noise on a Nervous Planet’ is the book to go for if you are feeling that anxiety creeping up on your body gradually. Written by Matt Haig, the book explores why people around the world are growing increasingly anxious with every passing day. The book uses a clever approach employing brief subtle notes of sounds, presenting a significantly personal perspective on the ways to de-stress and feeling happier.
How to be a Woman
Relatable, relevant and incredibly funny, ‘How to be a Woman’ by Caitlin Moran is the book for every woman out there who feels pushed down by the challenges of womanhood. Moran cleverly blends in the feminist perspective while discussing the daily struggles of being a woman with impeccable honesty and belly-aching humour.
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
As said, likewise done! This book teaches you exactly what it says on the title. Written by the exemplary straightforward blogger from New York, Mark Manson, the book is replete with tips and tricks that could help you overcome your lack of self-confidence and reach your full potential. If there are certain fears and inhibitions in your head that is stopping you from reaching your goal, this is the book to pick up!
The Self-Care Project
We all feel lost at some point in our life and this book by Jayne Hardy draws us back to the point from where we begin again. While most of us believe self-care to be somewhat selfish, the book opens us up to the wonders of what caring for the self could do. If you cannot help yourself, you cannot help the others!
The Anxiety Solution
Does what it says! ‘The Anxiety Solution’ by Chloe Brotheridge is a firsthand account of the writer on being stuck with anxiety as a therapist herself. The book is widely inspiring and will boost your mental health while also teaching you to find a balance between your personal and professional growth.