5 Bizarre Wedding Traditions Around The World

If you thought that “Something old or something new, something borrowed, and something blue was odd”, prepare yourself for these five unique wedding customs from all over the world. These take the unusual to a new level!

From crying for a whole month leading up to the big day to gifting your father in law-to-be the highly sought-after gift of an old whale’s tooth, these wedding traditions from around the world will make your family’s unusual customs seem normal.

 Germany: Polterabend

In the evening before some weddings in Germany, the guests gather together at the house of the bride to smash up pieces of china in an event known as “Polterabend”. Locals believe that it brings luck to the soon-to-wed couple. After the smashing has ended, the couple has to tidy up the mess to show that, by working together, they can conquer every obstacle they’ll encounter in their marriage.

 China: Zuo Tang

It’s normal to shed a tear at the wedding ceremony, however in the western areas in the Sichuan Province in China, crying is an essential element of the wedding preparation. One month prior to the wedding, the bride is seated in a big hall every evening to cry for an hour. The crying continues every evening until the tenth night when her mother accompanies her. Then they cry together. Then, after another ten nights, the grandmother is invited to join in, and after a couple of days, the bride’s aunts and sister are also invited to join in.

 Sweden: You May Now All Kiss the Bride

The expression, ‘You can now kiss your bride’, is a typical phrase that is heard at all weddings; however, in Sweden, it’s not only intended for the groom. When the big day arrives, it’s normal to see women gather for a kiss immediately after the bride is gone. Also, once the groom walks out, the entire group of men make a line to kiss the bride.

 Fiji: Tabua

In Fiji, the custom is for a man to approach the father of a woman’s family for consent for his daughter to be married. If the father consents to marry, the groom is expected to present him with a unique present (ideally, the teeth of the whale) during the formal ceremony called Tabua. The more teeth that are offered, the better the gift!

 Peru: Cake Pull

In most countries around the globe, single women compete to win the bouquet, which increases the chances of being the next bride. The people of Peru follow a similar pattern, but they have a wedding cake as the centrepiece instead of the flowers. When it’s time to celebrate the “Cake Pull,” every single girl gathers at the table with the wedding cake. They grab hold of the ribbon that is attached to the cake and try to remove it. If they are lucky enough to pull the ribbon that has the ring attached to the other end, it’s believed that they’ll be the next bride.

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