400 x 2000 Currency Notes: HP’s Jwala Devi Temple Receives INR 8 Lakh Donation

The INR 2,000 notes were left as donations in the temple complex's donation box.

In the Kangra area of Himachal Pradesh, 400 notes of INR 2,000 value, totalling INR 8 lakh, have been discovered in a donation box set up on the grounds of the Maa Jwala Devi temple. The finding was made only a few days after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced that it would stop issuing INR 2,000 currency notes.

Following the decision to remove INR. 2,000 notes from circulation, a campaign has begun asking people to trade and deposit them. The INR 2,000 notes were discovered left as donations in the temple complex's donation box.

The junior engineer at the temple, Suresh Kumar, claimed that many worshippers frequently bring these offerings. The total amount placed in the donation box will be used to upgrade the temple's amenities for visitors.

When questioned about the situation, Deputy Commissioner of Kangra Nipun Jindal responded that he had not been given any information.

Exchange drive started 

The RBI said on May 19 that it would stop issuing INR 2,000 notes, and citizens had until September 30 to deposit them in accounts or exchange them at banks.

As instructed by the RBI, citizens can swap or deposit any INR. 2,000 notes they may have started today (Tuesday).

People should not rush to the banks, according to Governor Shaktikanta Das.

The central bank has also sent separate instructions to all of the nation's banks on how to conduct the exchange and deposit procedures without disrupting the general public.