4 Ways to improve self-awareness

The correct exercises and habits can help improve self-awareness. Do you have certain parts of your personality and life that you cannot understand? Maybe some behaviours pop up and lead to negative outcomes? If you answered yes, it means your self-awareness skill is lacking. Self-awareness is the ability to have an objective view through introspection and reflection. It is based on the premise that you separate yourself from your thoughts and observe them as a separate entity. Having great self-awareness helps you form stronger relationships, make good choices, increase confidence, inspire creativity and boost communication. Here we give you ways to improve self-awareness. Meditation Practising meditation every day can help you pay attention to your feeling and thoughts and focus on the present moment. Since you let your thoughts drift without a need to react or do anything and then bring them back to the point of focus, it can help you become more aware of your internal state. Know your triggers for negative emotion People, situations or your thoughts and feelings can trigger negative emotions like anger, fear, sadness and shame. If you do not practice self-awareness, these triggers can force you down these negative emotions. Therefore, to avoid that you need to go back to the memory bank and find the source of the trigger. Once you understand the trigger you can change it and turn it into a positive affirmation. Ask friends and family for feedback The fastest way to grow and improve yourself is via receiving feedback and working on them. Many parts of yourself need improvement but you cannot see it. Thus, choose a person with whom you have a solid relationship within your life and ask them to point out your negatives. Once you receive it, acknowledge their feedback and work on it. Learn new skills As adults we tend to stick in the same routine, doing the same things over and over again. While it helps with comfort, it can also lead to narrowness in thoughts and minds. To keep your mind flexible and fresh, you need to learn new skills. When you force yourself to learn something new, it increases your self-awareness, as you think with a new mindset. Self-awareness does not happen overnight. You need to put in hours, days and weeks of work to become more self-aware and ultimately improve the quality of your life.