4 Tips to prevent running injuries

Stay on tracks and off the sidelines with the below tips.

Injuries are common among diligent runners. Most of the times it is due to following programs that have faults or not training intelligently.

Also, injuries can be caused by the physical stress of your body, which is more than it can handle. Every time your foot hits the pavement, the leg absorbs almost two to three times your body weight. Now you can multiple that with the number of steps you take every day and that are the amount of stress your leg has to deal with to be a runner.

But you can prevent all the injuries by following the below tips.

  • Proper footwear
Wear the right running shoes to boost your confidence. The right footwear is the one in which your foot fits well on the heel and has a little wiggle room near the toe. You can visit a running store to get custom made running shoes. Additionally, you also need to replace your shoes every 6 months if you are a regular runner or for every 400 to 600 miles.
  • Running surface
You need to find a running surface that absorbs the shocks rather than passing it to your legs. Find grass or dirt trails and avoid asphalt and concrete surfaces. Furthermore, consistency in the running surface is important as a sudden change can increase the chances of injuries. Similarly, even tight turns can increase stress on your legs. Therefore, chose straight paths as much as possible.
  • Stretching program
Tight and inflexible muscles can increase the likelihood of injuries. Thus, you need to add stretching and flexibility exercises like yoga to your daily routine. Even 5 to 10 minutes after running can make a huge difference in your muscles. You can also get regular massages to remove the post-run tightness from your muscles.
  • Gradually increase strength
You need to always take it slow, especially if you are a beginner. For example, if you are looking to start training for a 5km marathon, you won’t be able to run that distance on the first day. You need to start small and increase and build your stamina slowly. Remember to never increase distance and intensity in the same week.

Implement these tips and tricks to become a stronger runner, prevent injuries and achieve your athletic goals.