4 Iconic Moves That Makes You A Good Dancer

Dance is a form of art that helps you express yourself through the movements of your body. Here are some moves mastering which will help you become a pro in no time. Be it a recital or just you practicing behind closed doors, dance is something that helps you unleash the child and master in you at the same time. Even if you are not a professional dancer, some moves help you get a better understanding of the art form than otherwise. Here are a few moves every person who has an interest in dance should learn. The Robot Robot is a classic move for people who don't have much flexibility but love to dance. The robotic movements of the torso and arms are a huge hit with everyone who can coordinate their hands and leg movements. If you ever get a slick beat, this move is worth experimenting with. Vogue Although it is believed to be due to Madonna's song with the same title, the move was well-known in the Harlem dance scene of the latter half of the 1960s! It's a long-lasting impression! The movement requires a good amount of floor work, and concentrated movements of the legs, wrists, torso, and advanced back-bends. For those who aren't skilled dancers, modest hand positions can let you to make a move, Vogue! The Moonwalk Step When one thinks of moonwalks, people immediately think of MJ. When Jackson created the perfect moonwalk and convinced the public that he was doing something that defied gravity. However, he did not invent the moonwalk! Even though he premiered the dance in Motown 25, which took place in 1983. The moonwalk traces its roots in Cab Calloway's performance in 1932. A number of other artists performed their versions of the dance before Jackson's first performance; however, none of them hit it like he did. Perhaps you'll get it! The next time you're on the floor, take this classic move a go! The Dougie Every decade brings new trends that transform an entire culture, leaving people looking for more. In the year 2008, Dougie was introduced as the most recent dance craze. It was a definite influence in the millennial philosophy. The group Cali Swag District released the song "Teach Me How ToDougie", and the dance moves left audiences of all ages wanting to learn the crazy moves.