4 healthy ways to cope with a fresh breakup

There is no magic trick but these ways can help you deal with the heartbreak better  It doesn’t matter if the relationship is of three weeks or three years, if it ends, it leaves with a heartbroken feeling. You can feel lost and even physically ill as well, having to deal with the pain of a split. While there is no magic pill to get rid of the hard time, make sure to follow these healthy coping mechanisms to move on with strength and grace: Make sure to write it down or talk it out Suppressing unpleasant feelings is something that we all end up doing, but this way you ultimately prevent yourself from moving past them. When you break up with a person after being involved with them, there are a lot of emotions involved, from anger, sadness, loneliness to an uncertainty of the future. So when a relationship ends, make sure you try to let yourself feel what you feel. Have a good cry or write down your thoughts in a journal and even make sure to talk to your friends and family. Make sure that you take care of your body "Breakup diet" has become a fad as most of us think of looking our best in order to get revenge on an ex. But that is nothing but a way to punish yourself, and you will end up reinforcing feelings of rejection. Make sure you eat nourishing whole foods, which are rich in fibre, protein and nutrients in order to boost your mood and energy. A good diet can help you counteract the physiological stress of the breakup. Remember all the great things you still have in your life When you break up with someone, you are engulfed with immediate feelings of pain and loss that you forget to focus on all the things you appreciate. There is a sense of negative first. So, when you fail to feel positive about your life, start practising gratitude as it can help to even out your moods. This process will not only lead to your well-being but also brighten your outlook on life. Take out time to do things that YOU love the most Last but not the least, you will certainly feel not as excited in life as you were pre-split. But you need to start enjoying yourself again and make time for things that make you feel good, whether it's going out with a friend or indulging in a pampering routine. It is the first step towards healing.