10 things to keep in mind when taking your dog to a cafe

Dogs find new places and people overwhelming and many of them can feel anxious. Carrying their toys, favourite mats and snacks to help them feel at ease.

Being a pet parent comes with its own set of responsibilities. From taking care of their nutrition to inculcating healthy habits in them, there's a lot that pet parents do for their canine companions. Training them to behave well in public places can go a long way in helping them deal with fear, anxiety and new situations. Dogs are part of family and while they do not always like to be among strangers or new people, it's important for them to mingle with people and gain positive experiences. When it comes to taking your furry friends to a dog-friendly restaurant or cafe, it is important to be patient, keep them engaged with familiar things/toys and at the same time encourage them to make new friends. Dogs find new places and people overwhelming and many of them can feel anxious. Carrying their toys, favourite mats and snacks can help them feel at ease.

Pradnya, Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviourist shares important tips for pet parents while taking their pet out for a coffee or snack.

1. Walk your dog before you get to the cafe. Let them be done with a round of toileting before you go in.

2. Don’t expect your dog to settle immediately. They’re going to be curious about the new place. There will be lots of new smells everywhere. Let them explore the place (without disturbing other guests) before finally settling at the table.

3. Carry lots of treats for your pup. Reinforce 'polite' behaviour but at the same time be patient with the 'naughtiness'.

4. Dogs may get anxious in new situations and surroundings. Carry a familiar mat/blanket to make it easier for them to feel at ease.

5. Interactive puzzles could help keep them engaged and teach them to play independently when you can’t give them your attention.

6. A chew! These are also great for those teethy moments. While most dogs are happy to chew on their own, some dogs may require some support in the matter.

7. Quick frequent walks to toilet outside.

8. Puppies are people magnets. Observe your puppy and ensure they’re enjoying it. If not, don’t be afraid to stand up for them and their space.

9. Focus on it being a positive experience. Exposure is not sufficient. It has to be fun for your pup. Pleasant at the least.

10. Training to not jump, to be able to handle the excitement of food, other dogs etc will be an ongoing process. It’s not going to be something that your dog aces in a single outing.

Pradnya adds that most importantly, pet parents must ensure they enjoy the outing so that they look forward to more cafe visits in the future.

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