You are gorgeous, so shall your soap - Homemade soap recipes for beginners.

You all get super excited when it comes to making things at home. Especially when it is your favourite beauty masks or packs. Let’s ditch the face packs and scrubs and look into making homemade soaps. We have curated three DIY soap recipes along with the art of making it at home. These are the easiest to make and we bet you will love it. 

Good soaps created with 100% pure ingredients are surely a pleasure to use and will leave you skin hydrated and soft. You may love to splurge money on buying a variety of soaps from your favourite brand, but skip it for once and try making your own soap to make sure your skin is safe and your soap is 100% natural along with smelling good, feeling silky soft and radiant than ever before. Check out these easy homemade soap recipes. These soaps are lovely, good and safe for your skin.

There are various techniques to try but we recommend you to follow the easiest which is the “MELT AND POUR” technique. You will not have to make these soaps from the scratch. You can easily find pre-made bars for your soap recipes which can easily be melted and moulded according to your choice.

Basic tools and ingredients  you will need:

Following are the basic tools you will need for making your homemade soaps. You can easily find them online or you may have all of them at home already:

  • Slow cooker
  • Good quality Measuring cup (Plastic or glass container)
  • Digital Kitchen scale
  • Silicone spatulas
  • Choice of moulds
  • A pre-made soap bar
  • Essential oils of your choice
  • Choice of butter/oil like olive, castor, coconut, shea butter etc
  1. Orange soap
Already smelling citrus?


  • 1tbsp orange zest
  • 15 drops of vanilla soap fragrance
  • 15 drops Essential oil, orange
  • Melt and pour soap bar cut into cubes
  1. Lavender Soap
Oh so soothing!


  • 15 drops of Lavender essential oil
  • 3-4 lavender pods
  • Melt and pour soap bar cut into chunks
  1. Coconut lime soap
  • 15 drops of virgin coconut oil
  • 10 drops of lemon zest
  • Melt and pour soap bar cut into chunks

Cut the soap bar into chunks and melt it in a microwave-safe container. Keep stirring in an interval of 30 seconds to make it melt faster. Stir until thin and smooth. Allow it to cool and stir in all the ingredients before pouring it in the mould. Leave it to dry for a day and your homemade soap is ready to use.

Once you learn the art of making your own soap bar, you will never want to stop experimenting and coming up with your own DIY soap recipes. Making handmade soaps is not only therapeutic and fun but is also packed with essential oils and herbs which will keep your skin soft and healthy.

Are you ready to create your own batch of soaps? We bet you are!