Xpulse Rallied-Up with a Rally Kit!

If you are interested in obtaining an off-road motorcycle without spending a bomb, good news for you because the Xpulse is now available with a road-legal rally kit

In India, one cannot locate too many options in the off-roading 200-250cc segment. Earlier, the only motorcycle the democracy had was the Xpulse from Hero and now, there’s a modern kid on the block in the form of the KTM ADV 250. Considering the lust for smashing the off-road trails amongst the Indian youth, Hero is offering a road-legal rally kit for the Xpulse at an additional cost of INR 38,000. The rally kit helps in modifying the motorcycle’s overall performance, principally on the dirt tracks and rugged trails. Without further ado, let’s figure out the rally kit in details.

What do you gain?

After devoting an additional INR 38,000; one gets a rally kit that includes longer travel suspension, front forks that are adjustable with rebound and compression, and an adjustable monoshock suspension with preload and rebound setting. The rally kit also presents new off-road tyres from Maxxis along with handlebar rise, larger gear pedal and brake pedal, taller seat and a higher side stand.

The changes you can make

Once you install the rally kit, you will notice a contrast in the motorcycle’s height because of the longer travel suspension structure and taller seat. On the stock model, the seat height is at 823mm whereas the rally kit takes the seat height to 933mm. You can also employ a mix of stock and rally kit, as per your comfort. For example, you can use the stock suspension with the rally seat or the rally suspension with the stock seat. In short, the motorcycle offers four different height options.


On the dirt, its handling is exquisite as the suspensions take care of all the bumps and jumps that are thrown at this motorcycle. With raised handlebars, flicking it or changing directions in the wink of an eye is an easy-peasy job. Moving on to the tyres, the grip from the chunky Maxxis is exceptional and you will feel confident going round the corners with a leg down or drifting through mud and slush.

Is the kit worth it?

It’s a yes for those who are into intense off-roading or are looking forward to taking part in a competitive rallying event. If you hit the trail once in a blue moon, investing the extra money makes little sense. However, do give it a try and then decide.

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