World’s 4 most stunning forest canopy walkways

Climb into the canopies and see the world from the viewpoint of the forests.

Canopy walkways or treetop walks are a series of bridges spread throughout the forest, which provide upper-level access to the forests. Initially, they were used by scientists to conduct research. But these walkways have started to gain attention among tourists too.

Thus, if you love experiencing the dense forests in a new way, visit the below four forest canopy walkways around the world.

  • Monteverde Sky Walk in Costa Rica

Located one of the world’s most recognized cloud forests; the skywalk gives you a chance to explore the rich biodiversity of the Costa Rican rainforest.

Trek across canyons, while keeping an eye out for the incredible flora and fauna that call this jungle home. The journey starts on the ground and takes you through hanging bridges reaching heights of up to 230 feet.

  • Canopy Walkway in Peru

View the world’s largest rainforest from all the angles possible with the Canopy Walkway in the Peruvian Amazon.

Stroll in the 115 feet high walkway that takes you through 1,640 feet along 14 of the massive Amazon jungle’s biggest trees. The tour also gives you a chance to witness and come close to the jungle’s 4,000 variety of bird species.

  • Tree Top Walkway in Bavarian Forest National Park, Germany

The Bavarian Forest National Park boasts of the world’s longest tree top walkway, which has 4,256 feet of walkway starting from 26 feet till more than 82 feet.

The wooden construction of the treetop blends with the surrounding forest to give you an authentic and natural experience of the greenery and dwellers of the forest. Your final destination from the walkway will land on the 144 feet tall observation tower giving you an unparalleled view of the Rachel and Lusen mountains.

  • Aerial Walkway in Daintree Discovery Centre, Queensland, Australia

Explore the world’s oldest surviving rainforest, the Daintree Rainforest, in Queensland from above via the Aerial Walkway.

Located around 26 feet above the ground level, witness cassowaries and tree-kangaroos without disturbing the root system that lies below. Visit the 75 feet high tower after the canopy for a truly magical sight ever seen in Australia.

Ready to view the world of forests and its inhabitants from a unique angle?

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