Wipro Shows Appreciation to Employees with Salary Hike, Unveils a Major Announcement

Wipro, a well-known IT business, has granted stock options for roughly 3,98,733 shares in an effort to reward and recognise its employees. 

Replicating the actions of Infosys, Wipro has also granted stock options to about 3,98,733 of its qualified employees. The purpose of this choice is to reward and recognise personnel through two distinct programmes. The ADS Restricted Stock Unit Plan of 2004 has assigned 3,96,893 of the total shares, while the Restricted Stock Unit Plan of 2007 has issued the remaining 1,840 shares. On Wednesday, Wipro officially announced the news in an exchange filing.

Infosys rewards staff with equity shares

An additional Bengaluru-based company, Infosys, has already made the decision to reward its staff by giving equity shares to people who have made substantial contributions to the company’s success. To increase their ownership in the business, eligible employees received more than 5.11 lakh equity shares.

Wipro has put into practise various employee-focused initiatives during the last six months. All bands were subjected to a bonus cycle, an MSI (mid-year salary increment) cycle, and a promotion cycle. Notably, Wipro announced a 100% compensation increase for bands A to B3 for the quarter that ended in September. This increase applied to employees at all levels, including team leaders and recent graduates. These actions are intended to reward and recognise the contributions made by workers inside the company. 

“The variable pay as per company policy performance comes to 93.5%. However, we have decided to announce a higher company multiplier of 1.07 to reflect the progress we have made toward improving our operations,” said an internal email to employees last year after the second quarter.

Wipro’s COVID-19 response strategies

Wipro implemented a number of strategies to properly address the COVID-19 problem. This required updating their recognition portal and enacting new rules for incentives, help for employees, rewards, and recognition schemes. These programmes were created to address the particular difficulties brought on by the epidemic and to promote the motivation and welfare of their staff. Wipro sought to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and offer thorough assistance to their staff through on-the-ground operations.


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