Why should you introduce your child to Rugby?

The role of parents in making their child learn something new is essential, as, without motivation, there is no discipline, and without discipline, it's difficult to attain success. Rugby is long known as a prominent team sport that helps to develop friendship, team bonding, generosity, self-work and accelerate soft skills such as empathy, leadership and communication. In Rugby, the process of controlled aggression and respect based on the physical aspects of the sports is one of the prime advantages which benefit all the members of the team. The Rugby club is known for their friendly environment, in which the activities or the actions of the team is considered as essential instead of considering the actions of the individuals. Here are some reasons for which you should introduce your child to Rugby. Health and fitness benefits; it looks after cardiovascular fitness. It's a relentless sport, with fewer breaks and very little time to stand around. Positioning is one of the essential criteria in Rugby, which demands physical fitness. This sport is a combination of speed as well as explosive bursts. Additionally, in the defence position, team coordination, dedication and constant movement are crucial. As a game that requires physical fitness and strength, it can be stated that Rugby will boost your child's physical strength and enhance the immune system. Accelerates concentration, as it requires hand-eye coordination. Here in this game, hand, eye, chest and body positioning is of utmost essential; catching a Rugby ball is impossible without proper coordination of the same and extensive concentration is required. In the process of catching or throwing a Rugby ball, specific actions are involved, which includes wrists movements, muscles strength, oblique’s as well as shoulder movement. Yes, many people could consider Rugby as a rough sport, but as per the experts, when a child gets involved in Rugby and understands the spirit of the game, then this sport could teach a child mutual understanding, discipline and trust within the team. Involvement in these outdoor sports will help in gaining mental peace and making new friends. In the present world, with the increasing involvement of technology and the internet with children, it is often identified that the average screen-based time increases enormously. The more the child spends time on his/her laptop or Smartphone, the more the child gets detached from the real world. Involvement in Rugby could help the child to gain some good friends, build interpersonal communication ability and further help in mental peace. So, when you are planning to introduce your child to this wonderful sport.