Why is blue eye surgery so popular in recent times?

Now you can no longer rely on your genes or coloured lens to have blue dazzling eyes. What do you feel about changing something permanently about the way you look? For ages, we relied on our genetics and more importantly DNA to look the way we wanted to. Sure, different clothes, hairstyles, and makeup did transform our looks but still, it is not permanent. The same is the case with your eyes. They say that the eyes are the mirror to the soul and let’s admit it, we want a dazzling mirror that reflects everything good about us. If you are one of those who do not like the hassle of wearing coloured lenses, then blue eye surgery might be it for you. Are coloured eyes in humans real? This question is sure to confuse you a bit, but according to science, that coloured eyes may not exist. No, they are not trick of the mind instead they are tricks of light. Interestingly, the iris of the eyes are colourless, so all colour and hues you see in the eyes are the result of light entering the iris and reflecting back to us. Our eyes are made up of collagen fiber that is grey in colour, these fibers are known as stroma fibers. They determine what colour the eyes should appear whether they are containing any pigment or not. The black or dark brown eyes these fibers hold more pigment and in eyes that appear blue, they have no pigment. What is blue eye surgery? And how does it work? So, the people who are tired of their darker hues of eyes can get this procedure to change their eye colour for dazzling greens and blues. It is kind of similar to the LASIK procedure that is used to get rid of the spectacles. The procedure was introduced by a California-based company named Stroma Medical, whichis still running various clinical trials. All the colours of the eye are determined by pigments or melanin in the iris, the procedure done by a licensed doctor who, with the help of laser modifies the pigment in the eye. The laser heats up and then cools quickly in rapid succession that raises and lowers the pigmented colour in the eye and voila! You have beautiful coloured eyes. Since it is a fairly new procedure, it is not advisable to jump right in. Till then we should wait and watch all the initial trials and then decide.