Why Hostel days are the Most Memorable times of your life

Peep into the best time of your youth, with memories, friends and happiness. This is our take on hostel life.

Hostel life teaches many life lessons that start with surviving on instant noodles on a study night to getting a lesson in being independent and forming lifelong friendships. A person learns to live away from his family for the first time in his life, embarking upon a road to discovering life's crucial lessons. In the process, one learns the importance of home, family, home-cooked food, financial management, and so many other things.

However, the charm of newfound independence and your friends' company turn this phase into the most memorable experience, which brings a smile on your face whenever you recall that time. The best part of hostel life is well, as follows-

  • There would be no dearth of philosophical sessions with your closest pals who would happily lend their advice to you whenever you need it. And you would get a lot of shoulders to cry on while you need to vent out your emotions.
  • You would get to understand the value of an alarm clock in a hostel as late nights are abuzz with activities and sleep timings are very erratic. And with a morning class the next day, your time-management skills should be good. After all, it would be best if you squeezed in some time for classes and studies as well.
  • Hostel teaches you to adapt to any kind of environment. You need to adjust with many things, like your roommate, the lousy food (every hosteller complains of it, taking care of your belongings, washing your clothes (yes, you have to!), and surviving on your own the times of bad health and sickness. In a way, you learn to do everything which you usually wouldn't do at your home.
  • When you are on your own, you learn to manage finances on your own. It puts a check on your spending during the week, how much you need to save and keep some amount for a rainy day.
  • And most importantly, you make bonds with people who become your lifelong friends. Even though you would feel homesick occasionally, but they would be there to cheer you, lighten your mood and feel you loved.
The hostel is easily be said as the best chapter of our lives. And for those who still are enjoying the golden life of hostel life, we recommend you to live your life to the lees. Work hard and enjoy hard so that you turn back to the pleasant memories of your life whenever you ruminate over them.