Why do men nowadays prefer designer clothes?

Men nowadays are as fashion-conscious as women. Their love of fashion labels is astounding. So, why do men get more gravitate towards big designer labels?Read on to know more.

Welcome to the era of fashion-conscious men

Those days are dead and gone when men were associated with everything raw and rugged, focussing more on utility than style. Interestingly, it felt very insulting to men if they are ever praised for being fashion-forward. But modern men are quite aware of their style and fashion sense, they are as much in fashion as their female counterparts. Online shopping and various magazines make them more aware of the current trends and styles and how different clothes and accessories can change or enhance their looks completely. While doing so they are also getting more educated about different styles and fashion brands. And they are not shying away from spending a bit too. That’s quite different from how things used to be 40 or 50 years back. Now the question arises why are men preferring designer clothes? Let us find out.

The first and foremost thing that attracts men to designers is their quality products whose durability and finish are unmatched.

Unlike ladies (trust us, we are not generalizing all our esteemed female readers) whose instincts gravitate towards the low-price tag. Men would not expect anything less than perfect (again not generalizing). Designer clothes though are expensive but they do have the best quality material and are unique. All of these qualities make them stand out in a room full of people, that is why designer clothes gain precedence over others.

Being associated with a brand name makes them feel confident

Brand names also play a great role in making them feel confident. The brand association makes them feel part of a heritage and that makes them feel important. For example, legendary car or bike brands like Porsche, Jaguar, or Hayabusa are not only best in quality and performance but men like the brand associated with them. They are known for their history and would be a part of your identity. When they start associating with these brands, they start to build confidence and uniqueness.

The psychological reasoning behind buying costly designer clothes

Wearing a durable and quality outfit would boost your confidence but designer clothes give you a class or status. We associate luxury and wealth with these premium brands. So, paying extra makes men feel wealthy and is kind of an uplifting feel.

To all the men who love big labels like us, more power to you!

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