Why an Amateur Must Wear Triple Sensor Watch on a Trek?

If you are a rookie at trekking who is planning to venture into the unexplored forest hilly regions, wear a watch with triple sensors

Trekking has been a recreational activity in several countries for a long time. However, in India, the activity has gained traction recently. Several amateurs and rookies are taking up the activity of trekking. Indeed, it is a fun activity, but it can also turn into a fatal activity if adequate training is not taken. Not to forget, gadgets and pieces of equipment are important on treks.

How relevant is this article?

If you are into trekking, the information in this article is likely to save your life. Meant for amateurs and rookies, in this article, we have composed the importance of a triple sensor watch on a trek. Whether you are trekking in a group or going out to have a solo experience, always were a triple sensor watch that comprises a barometer, altimeter and thermometer.

What is a barometer?

When you are going on a trek, you are likely to climb or ascend hills. Moving up means you will feel the difference in atmospheric pressure that is likely to harm you. A watch with a barometer informs the user of the atmospheric pressure. The average and safe atmospheric pressure on Earth for the human body is 1,013.25 hPa/1,013.25 mbar/ 760 mm Hg.

The importance of altimeter

It is a known fact that the air pressure is thin at higher altitudes. In layman terms, the higher the altitude, the lesser the oxygen. Therefore, on a trek; a watch with an altimeter could save your life. It depends from person to person, but after 7,000 feet, humans need supplemental oxygen. Many people find it hard to breathe even at 5,000 feet.

What is the need for a thermometer on a watch?

No, this is not the thermometer that is used to measure the temperature of your body when you catch a fever. The thermometer on the watch helps you monitor the temperature of your surroundings. After all, similar to atmospheric temperature and oxygen, temperature too drops at higher altitudes. Therefore, while ascending, it is important to know when to wear your winter clothes.

More functions of a triple sensor watch

Apart from the mentioned three sensors, a triple sensor watch also features a compass along with an LED light that is useful during the night. Last but not the least, a triple sensor watch is made for adventures and therefore, it can withstand extreme massive impacts.