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Who is Hannah Barron AKA the Catfish Girl and why is she trending?

A nature influencer named Hannah Barron who took social media by storm with her unique content has been criticised for her southern accent

An Alabama woman named Hannah Barron has taken social media by storm in recent days with her unique content on Instagram. The nature influencer is called The Catfish Girl for her interesting noodling videos. On her Instagram, she says she is interested in hunting, fishing, noodling and bowfishing.

With 1.5M followers on Instagram, Barron’s admirers frequently flock to her comment section to praise her content. One woman, however, went viral for trolling Barron’s southern accent.

Criticism against Hannah Barron

Posting a video of Barron on X, user Sameera Khan, a foreign policy analyst and a news correspondent, declared that nothing about American women is feminine. “This accent needs to be illegal and women should be banned from doing manual labour like this,” Khan wrote.

“There is NOTHING feminine about American women. American women are literally men,” she added.

In the same thread, she explained how Lebanese women are “perfect” and “feminine.” She also said Melania Trump is “the ideal.” Khan called for America to be liberated from “tomboy occupation.”

Hannah Barron hits back

Barron quickly hit back at Khan in a video on Instagram. "These folks talking about me thinking they're going to offend me, that ship sailed a long time ago. I've been getting picked on my whole life. I grew up around men,” she said in response to the criticism.

“Well, so, don't be scared to build your own box and don't try to fit in anybody else's. Be your own person and you'll be happier in the long run because of that,” Barron added.

Social media users defend Hannah Barron

Conservatives refused to agree with Khan, with most of them hitting back saying Barron is the ideal woman. Many social media users defended Barron, calling her a “hard working woman” and saying the accent is nothing but “hot.” Some called out Khan, one of them saying she is “so hopeless” that she had to “pick a war with the entire south.”

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