Which Colour is Safest for Your Vehicle?

Do you know the colour of your vehicle determines the safety of your vehicle? When someone visits a showroom to pick up a car, the first thing he or she notices is the style quotient of the vehicle, which covers the design of the car and its colour. Usually, an enormous bulk of individuals prefer colours such as black, grey, silver and navy blue. Undoubtedly, these are some of the finest colour shades and they make a car look highly tempting. However, let us shock you by informing you that these colours increase the chances of an accident. You are probably wondering how, so let us begin with the primitive rules of physics that you have possibly studied in high school. Remember that physics class in which you were explained that dark colours do not reflect light efficiently because they absorb the light? Simple physics; when you purchase a dark-coloured car, the car cannot reflect light because of which; it becomes less visible to the human eyes, principally during the night. Therefore, dark-coloured cars are more susceptible to accidents than light coloured cars. For this reason, most emergency service vehicles are coloured in bright colours so that they are easily detectable during day and night from far away. As per a reportshared by Reader’s Digest, black-coloured cars are extraordinarily prone to accidents. After black, grey-coloured cars possess 11 per cent risk factor whereas silver possesses 10 per cent. Blue and red-coloured cars possess a 7 per cent risk factor. Not to forget, green-coloured cars are also prone to accidents. On the other hand, white-coloured cars are 12 per cent less likely to get involved in accidents. Apart from white, one can purchase cars with other bright colours such as orange, yellow, gold, cream, beige, neon green and pink. In the report, Jake McKenzie, Content Manager at Auto Accessories Garage explained, “The reason brightly coloured vehicles like white and yellow cars are less likely to be involved in an accident is the same reason they’re less likely to be stolen: visibility. A white car is much easier to see than a darkly coloured car. The better other drivers are able to see you, the more likely they are to hit the brakes before it’s too late.” In case you are planning to purchase a car in the upcoming months, be on the safe side and pick up from the above bright colours. Moving on to motorcycle riders, there is no dearth of brightly coloured motorcycles in India such as the KTM Duke/RC series and the Ducati Scrambler that comes in yellow!