What Things To Consider While Buying A Washing Machine

Not all households have similar laundry requirements. Thus, it may be overwhelming for you to choose the best-suited washing machine for your home.

Purchasing a new washing machine can be slightly heavy on the pocket, but the ease and comfort they offer are worthwhile. Washing machines do not just save us from the drudgery of washing clothes manually but also help us save a considerable amount of effort and time too. The tips below will help you find the ideal washing machine for your home.

Front Load or Top Load

You need to decide if you want a front-load or a top-load washing machine. Both types are a good option, but only your comfort level and choice can determine which one should you go for. For instance, some users find the conventional top-loader more convenient to load. But this is entirely your call.

Washing Performance

If the drum or tub of the washing machine is made of stainless steel, it tends to have better washing performance than the ones made of enamel or plastic. Stainless steel drums are more durable and can withstand more heat, have higher spin speeds, and resist corrosion. The irregular and pebble-shaped surface of the inner barrel of the drum helps remove stubborn stains thoroughly.

Capacity and Sizes

The capacity of a washing machine relies on the washing tub’s size. If you have a family with children and you do several loads every day, you may prefer a washer with a large capacity. Meanwhile, models with smaller capacity use less energy and water, and it can be an economical option for couples and singles.

Wash Programs of the Washing Machine

Your washing machine should not wash silk and other delicate fabrics with the harshness it uses for denim wear. But do not fret, as wash programs are meant to serve that purpose! This feature will help you avoid random guesswork by suggesting a suitable wash program for different types of fabrics. Some washing machines come with a ‘Time Delay’ feature that will enable you to set the wash cycle as per your preferences.

Semi-Automatic or Fully-Automatic

Semi-automatic washing machines are easy to repair, consume lesser power, and can pause for you to manually scrub off extra dirt from your clothes. These are cheaper and tend to occupy greater space. On the other hand, fully-automatic washing machines offer simpler features like flexible wash cycles with rinsing, washing, and drying with custom modes specially designed for different fabrics.

Hopefully, the aforementioned points have simplified the perplexing process of choosing the best washing machine to do your laundry.


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