What is the multiverse? Is it Real

There could be another you, reading this article but as the famous popstar in another universe!

If you love science fiction, the chances are that you know the concept of the multiverse or multiple universes. Yes, you must have heard this term from Sheldon in “The Big Bang Theory” when he assures Penny that while he believes in the multiverse and the possibility of many Sheldon’s, but none of them would ever dance. Jokes aside, according to multiverse theory, there are many universes. Not only that if this weird theory is true, then there could be multiple you, maybe in different places, doing different things. This is not some physics mumbo-jumbo, scientist give valid proofs that multiverse can be real.


Scientist argues that space-time repetition can be a definite reason for the existence of another universe. To need to understand that we are not sure what is the shape of space-time. The shape of the space-time majorly depends on the density of space. If the density of space is larger than the critical density, then the universe would form a curve and would be closed as well and if it is less than it would be saddle like a curve. But what if the density is equal to the critical density, then it would go on forever. In simple words, it means that you could go far enough and would find another universe. It is because there are limited ways the particle could arrange in the universe, and after a while, it starts to repeat itself. So, eventually, there would be many you, many me in another universe.

Expansion of universe

We all know that universe is rapidly expanding. But some physicist believes that after the Big Bang, some space-pocket might have stopped expanding. This would mean bubbles in the universe. Now, these bubbles with time and expansion of the universe moved far away, beyond our observation. Hence, multiple universes. Interestingly, scientists believe that we may be one of these bubble universes.

Another Hypothesis

Scientist and cosmologist believe that math lay down the rules of physics, so are these rules of math different in another universe? For example, here 1+1= 2, in another universe, it could be 1+1=11. But if we assume that the fundamentals of mathematics stay the same, then all universes would have the same principles. Thus, if the mathematics is universal, how far it may be than multiverse does exist.

Is it real or not, only time will tell? But think about this, there may be a universe where dinosaurs still exist, and you won a million-dollar lottery. It sounds fun, isn’t it!

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