What is dot art and how can one start with it

Just a few simple tools from home and you can start painting

Among the various art forms on canvas that one comes across, dot art is the most attractive. A detail-oriented art form, the dots vary from large to small and minutest of dot making for a whole picture. The dots can either be neatly arranged around the canvas or make multi-coloured large dots, or merging of dots into lines, there is no specific way of doing your dot painting. However, the defining criterion is the technique used; it can either be a repeated imprint of the paint-covered brush giving out recognisable ‘dot’ mark on the canvas.

The most commonly used paints are Acrylic paint and it can be highly textured with a raised surface or it can be flat. To make the dots the sticks can range from very thin sticks to large dots. However, the general rule is always to start with the lightest shades and the largest dots. And it is advised to work on the drawing as a whole rather than just filling in one dot in a section. Here are some tips and tricks to learning dot art for beginners.

Assemble the tools you would need in order to create dots. You can easily buy it off the internet but in the beginning, it is smart to make the best out of waste. Start with collecting a toothpick, a pencil with an eraser at the back, a pencil, and such things that give you a variation in the size of a dot.

A canvas, which doesn’t need to be a professional human-size board but you, can start with simple thick paper. Or else you can always start with a rock, wood, bowls, glasses, mugs, coasters, pendants, anything blank with a surface artsy enough takes it.

Tricky part is creating a design. For some, the design just flows as they go on with it, for some it needs to be drawn. Use a pencil stencil out any shape or mandala. You can make use of a compass to draw around the object.

Now comes the final step – filling your design with colourful dots. As is the rule to start with the large dots and then proceed to smaller ones. Dip the flat edge tool in the colour by only touching the top of the paint with the end of it. Don’t dip the tool all the way into the paint, won’t give clean dots.

Now while making a dot on the canvas, be careful to not let the tool touch the canvas. The lighter the touch of the tool on the canvas, the better the effect will be. And when creating descending dots, dip once and dot dotdot until it runs out of paint.

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