West Indies try to push it too far

West Indies entered the 2021 T20 World Cup as defending champions but their title difference proved to be a flop show. No rhythm In fact, West Indies captain Kieron Pollard had to apologise to the Caribbean fans as he said that they were aware that they had disappointed the cricket lovers and the manner in which West Indies' T20 World Cup campaign unfolded was forgettable. West Indies packed their side with big hitters but lack of form and understanding the tempo of the charge meant that they could never really get going and capitulated more often than not. The WI flight didn't take off Their campaign started against England, another heavy weight in their group. While that loss was understandable, the margin of defeat wasn't. West Indies were able to win just one out of their five matches in the super 12 stage which is not becoming of their current T20 status. Pollard's pain West Indies captain Kieron Pollard cut a sorry figure as the team bowed out of the competition after another one-sided defeat, this time against Australia, in the super 12 stage. "I think overall has been a disappointing campaign. The batting has lived up to expectations, bowling has been decent. We could have done better with the fielding as well. Overall we weren't good enough. But for me, it's the end of a generation/era where you have some guys who have done some good things for T20 cricket, not only in the Caribbean but around the world. Sometimes one tournament you don't want to sum up the entire thing when it comes to that but rationally these guys have done pretty well for themselves and we as people are very, very proud." "Obviously we need to look at the way we play T20 cricket again. Our team is set-up for powerhitters to do a lot of damage but we weren't able to do that. We have seen in these conditions that one guy in that top four has to bat through, when you get in try and stay as long as possible. It's hard for the guys to come and hit straightaway. That is something that we need to do better but the good thing is that we have to start from the foundation now and that's the reality of the situation. There is nothing that we can do about it now. That journey would not have just started at this World Cup."