Weekend Getaways from the City of Silicon, Bangalore

If thoughts of weekend getaways are scratching up your mind and you need a place away from the bustling city life and metropolis culture of Bangalore, then start packing up your bags right away because just within a few kilometres away from the city, travellers treasure in disguise resides.

Bangalore, or the “City of Silicon”, as popularly people call it to take pride in its ever-expanding success in information technology, has become the city of corporate gardens where people stumble upon a constant search for peace and bliss. Away from the city’s fast-paced life and metropolis culture, quite a number of weekend getaways can be named that waves the tourists towards happiness and breathtaking sights.

 Nandi Hills- a popular destination for travellers with a special fondness for hill stations

The summer abode and favourite destination for Tipu Sultan-The King of Mysore, Nandi Hills, has an elevation of 1478 meters with a short distance of just 61kms from the city Bangalore. Blessed with an abundance of greenery and scenic beauty, Nandi Hills is the traveller’s paradise to seek peace and glimpses of nature. If trekking, cycling and watching beautiful sunrises are on your bucket list for the weekend, Nandi Hills could be your best match.

Stargazing and camping at Ramanagara is a beautiful match for the souls that yarns for serenity.

With a distance of just 49kms from Bangalore, Ramanagara is one of the popular weekend destinations among the millennials, where stargazing and camping weave a chord of moments. At Ramanagara, you can make short visits to “Chunchi Falls”, “Ramadevara Betta Hills”, nearby sights for bird watching and “Savandurga” for a memorable camping experience.

Chikmagalur hill station is the perfect coffee lovers dreamland.

Located amidst one of the beautiful hill stations of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is known for its breathtaking coffee plantations. Chikmagalur nature’s painted picturesque in real sense with sky-calling mountains and deep lush green forests. One can visit the nearby coffee estates, spend their weekends on home-stays, and indulge in the pastoral beauty or trek through the Mullayanagiri range.

 If going “adventurous” is a thing to do at weekends, then Dandeli has all the treasure tales.

If the word “perfect weekend destinations” exists for real, Dandeli cannot be skipped while preparing the list. Being the second-largest wildlife sanctuary of the state, Dandeli serves as a natural habitat for the wildlife. Situated on the banks of the river “Kali”, Dandeli gives the best vibes for the adventure seekers as River Rafting and Kayaking is done right through the river from November to February. Not just that, the camping activities at Dandeli is yet another such gift for the travellers, which makes the place worth every visit.

A short visit to the city outskirts or a few miles beyond that can lift up your frown face anytime soon. With such visits to nature’s splendid chapters, calmness and serenity can be retrieved like gifts with wholesome, memorable experiences to cherish.

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