We scream for Ice Cream: Few brain-freezing facts about Ice Cream

Love Ice Cream? Let us see how many more brain freezing facts do you know about Ice Cream.

Who doesn’t like a cone, bowl or even a tub full of Ice Cream? Our sweetest memory of childhood, we could not ever be tired of it. The satisfaction of licking lollies on hot summer days with our friends or devouring a cone full of icy goodness is unparalleled. During all the phases of your life, whether it was a sad movie fest or your first heart-break, Ice Cream has always been your saviour. Let’s look at some of the fascinating facts about Ice Cream that you might not know.

  1. Do you know how many licks would it take for you to finish your Ice Cream Cone? Well, it largely depends on the temperature or even the type of Ice Cream. But on average, it would take 50 licks before you can finish your cone. Useful it might not be, but it is an interesting trivia.
  2. What is your favourite flavour? Chocolate? Mint? Strawberry? Which flavour do you think people around the world love the most? Think hard. It is our plain old vanilla flavour.
  3. There is always a debate between vanilla Ice Cream lovers and Chocolate Ice Cream lovers that which flavour was invented first. Contrary to popular belief, it was chocolate that was invented before vanilla.
  4. Ice Cream was enjoyed only by the who’s who of society till the 1800s. The main reason behind it was that only the rich and elite could afford the refrigeration and costly ingredients.
  5. There is an interesting story behind the birth of world-famous waffle-cone. An Ice-cream vendor ran short of Ice Cream cones in the World’s Fair in Missouri. Desperately, he went to a waffle shop and moulded waffle into a cone and thus, waffle cones came to existence.
  6. Do you know what is one of the main ingredients in Ice Cream? It is air! Air is the reason for that light and fluffy texture.
  7. One of the fun facts is that Canadians eat more Ice Cream in chilling winters than in summers. Talk about being different!
  8. Interestingly, Ice Cream sales seem to soar during times of economic recession. Ice Cream sure is the only remedy for stress.
So, now we have educated you more about your beloved Ice Cream. Don’t forget to share these exciting and fun facts with your loved ones over a bowl of Ice Cream.