Ways To Protect Yourself Against An Aggressive Cat

Helpful tips for when you are at odds with a domesticated cat.

Having a cat for a pet can be extremely rewarding. However, you may find yourself at odds with a domesticated cat and you need to be prepared for it. Sometimes, cats can become aggressive. You need to tackle this issue with precaution for the safety of yourself and the cat. Here are some helpful tips to protect yourself from an aggressive cat.

1 Stay away from the cat

There are many reasons cats can become aggressive. Stress, medical issues, wariness of strangers, or feeling territorial are some contributing factors. Oftentimes there may be no clear reason. But it is important to be prepared in case things get out of hand. Pay attention to their body language. Cats tend to hiss, crouch and flatten their ears when they are in an aggressive mood. When this happens, do not approach them. Cuddles won’t help in this situation. You need to give them their own space till they cool off. This goes for both the owner and a stranger.

2 Find a way to distract them

When a cat is in an angry mood, it has a one-track mind. In this case, find ways to distract the cat to prevent it from becoming more aggressive. Toss a toy or an object their way. Maybe a noise could work. Giving them treats could work in some situations. Keep a list of strategies handy when a situation like this comes up. That way you’ll have a few tricks up your sleeve that can distract them and calm them down.

3 Wear protective gear

Sometimes the best strategies may not work on a really angry cat. When you have tried everything you can and nothing seem to work, protect yourself. Wear protective gear when dealing with your cat. Cover the areas of your body that your cat could potentially harm. Wear gloves, boots and goggles.

4 Keep the cat’s escape route clear

If a cat feels there is no escape, it could become more agitated and aggressive. Instead, make sure that all its escape routes are clear. Do not confront them when they are in a mood. Let them leave the space and have some alone time.

5 Take wounds seriously

No matter how minor you think a scratch or bite from a cat is, take it seriously. This is because they can transmit bacteria through wounds and it can be dangerous.

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