Way A Fish Swims Reveals A Lot About Its Personality

Researchers reveal fascinating insights about fish.

There is a constant quest to better understand the animal species we share our planet with. Numerous studies have discovered many ways to tell the personality of all kinds of animals. Over the years, much has been learned about the various species that inhabit our planet, from apes to tiny ants. Some are bolder, while others love to explore. Some also tend to be timid. The world of animals is fascinating and leaves us curious about their inner workings. Researchers have now discovered you can tell a lot about the personality of a fish by the way it swims.

Animal personality can be determined by the ways individual animals move around, according to a new study. It is a kind of micropersonality trait. Scientists are hopeful this fascinating method can be sued to better understand the difference in personality in wild animals.

For the study, researchers monitored and filmed the movements of 15 three-spined stickleback fish that were swimming in a tank. The tank also contained plastic plants in fixed positions. The team then used high-resolution tracking data from the video recordings to measure how much the fish turned and how often they did it. They also made note of every time the fish stopped moving and began again.

The results showed that each of the fish monitored for this study moved in a very different from each other. The different was repeated so many times that the team was able to identify a fish by the data that tracked its movements.

Micropersonalities in fish, researchers reveal, are like signatures. That means they are unique to every individual. However, these markers could change over time. The change could occur due to an unexpected change in its environment or if it comes into contact with something new. By tracking animals’ movement, researchers can also study how flexible an animal’s behaviour is.

There are many reasons fish are amazing and researchers discover more and more about them. Here are a few more things to know about fish. Fish have feelings. They can experience joy, fear and relaxation. Some fish in aquariums have been spotted playing by attempting to ride the current of water pumps in their tanks.

Fish also have social lives. Fish have the ability to recognise other individuals and remember them. They also build social networks. They also have amazing ways of communicating with each other.

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