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Want Travel Reccos? Why Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford Upon Avon should definitely be on your travel list!

There are some places made in heaven, sent down to earth, and going to these places is equivalent to salvation. One such place, which should definitely be on your destination list is Stratford Upon Avon, which is also incidentally the birthplace of William Shakespeare, England’s most famous poet, and beloved all over the world. Here are some reasons why you could consider going!

Cuteness Alert! It’s truly a fairytale town

It would be shameful to point out just one or two places. Honestly, the town is in itself almost out of a fairytale and even just strolling around, exploring the cute lanes and seeing the beautiful houses and cottages, makes one feel that they are back in time or entered a whole new world. It is aesthetically beautiful and equivalent to a picture postcard!

You can visit the Riverside and feed the swans

Stradford is on the banks of the river, Avon. The riverside is a beautiful location to visit. It is immensely beautiful and picturesque, and you will also be able to see magnificent swans wading through the water! You can even feed them, but be careful. The nature makes you feel good! 

It’s a theatre-going town- watch one!

Interestingly, but also naturally Stratford is essentially based around the theatre. The theatre of Stratford, the Royal Shakespeare Company stands in the middle of the city. If you want to get immersed in the city truly, do look up a show you would like to watch there and watch it. It is definitely an experience to watch a play in Stratford Upon Avon. Not only is the quality of performances very high in Stradford (and all over the UK), guaranteeing you a good show, but it is also something you will always remember- watching a play in Shakespeare’s own town!  

Shakespeare’s House

Well, the most attractive location is definitely William Shakespeare’s house itself. In here, you can see where the author grew up. Everything is done exactly as it was in the past, and guides show you around and tell you about how life probably was in Shakespeare’s own time, his family life, the life in the city and the daily activities, including cooking. Moreover, there are displays of his objects, as well as that of his family’s. Amongst their special exhibits, there is also a glass pane, which has the signature of all the famous writers who visited his cottage. After you are done exploring, do remember to make a visit to the gift shop to collect some goodies and souvenirs.

Anne Hathaway’s cottage

Another cottage is that of Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway. Though a similar narrative, this also has some very interesting rooms and a beautiful orchard outside and is worth a visit!

Beautiful meadows and scenic beauty

Though most people prefer to travel or walk through the main roads, do not miss the opportunity of walking through the meadows, and going through the narrow lanes, seeing the beautiful surroundings of Stratford. You will find dogs running, children playing and people hanging out in the meadows. These are extremely picturesque!

Excellent food

Do make sure that you try out fish and chips or the pies available in various stores and shops, some of them heritage and old in Stratford. The food here is very wholesome, often home-cooked and very fresh and tasty! It is definitely something that will make your experience of Stradford even better!