Want To Participate In A Marathon? Take A Look At The World’s Best Marathons

Whether you are racing through the African desert or the famous Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in NYC, your marathon needs to be outta this world. Here are some of the most stunning marathons that are organised over the world.

Boston Marathon

Marathon statistics indicate that one of the most recognizable marathons for runners worldwide is also one the oldest. The 1896 Olympics saw the revival of the marathon. In 1897, the Boston Marathon was started. The Boston Marathon features a net downhill course that includes many iconic landmarks. Half a million spectators cheer elite runners on. Qualifying standards are strict.

Athens Authentic Marathon

Athens Authentic Marathon is the largest sporting event in Greece. This amazing race follows the 26.2-mile route that Pheidippides, a Greek soldier, ran from Marathon in ancient Greece to Athens in 490 BC. This race follows the exact route used in the 2004 Athens Olympics. It has been voted the best race for beginners. It was established in 1976. The race has since grown to include the Historic Half, Semper 5ive, and even a children’s run for children aged 5-12 years old.

Great Wall Marathon

The Great Wall Marathon is definitely one of the most challenging marathons in the world. It requires runners to climb over 5,164 steps of China’s Great Wall and then run through Chinese villages. Jennifer Purdie, a California-based running coach, said that the effort is worth it because of the support from the large crowd.

Dublin Marathon

The Dublin Marathon’s scenic, flat course takes runners through Dublin’s City Centre. Because of its beautiful scenery and super friendly people, it has a very encouraging atmosphere.

Rome Marathon

All roads lead to Rome. Once you reach Rome, however, there is only one way to go. The marathon course will take you through the city, past almost all of its historical sites. It starts at Via Dei Fori Imperiali, near the Coliseum. After passing the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, it reroutes to the Coliseum. Although the course is reasonably flat, you will need to navigate cobblestone streets throughout.

Tokyo Marathon

This racecourse is where old and new worlds meet. The course will take runners past the Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace, and Tokyo Station. It also allows them to see some of Japan’s newer attractions and buildings. The Tokyo Marathon Expo is Japan’s largest running show. It attracts over 60,000 people annually.

Great Ocean Road Marathon

The stunning views of Australia’s Southern Ocean will make your legs forget that they are tired. Or at least make it bearable. The route follows Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, taking in the beautiful scenery for 44 km.

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