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Wanderlust on a Shoestring: Travel Hacks to Maximize Europe Travel Experience as it Becomes More Costlier from Today

From today (June 11, 2024), the applicants for Schengen Visa will have to pay higher fees for Europe travel.

Europe travel is becoming more costlier with the implementation of new rules for Schengen Visa application. Countries with Schengen Agreement are known as Schengen area. These countries are: Germany, Austria, Finland, Belgium, Croatia, France, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Latvia, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Slovenia, and Switzerland. Basically, Schengen Visa is approved for specific purposes including tourism, business, or visiting family. In this article, we will discuss about the new rules and important travel hacks for a Europe travel in modest budget.

New Price Regime for Schengen Visa:

The application fees for Schengen Visa is increasing by 12% due to inflation. For adults, it will cost €90 or Rs 8,175 (€80 previously) and for children, the cost is €45 or Rs 4,087 (€40 previously).

Meanwhile, tourists from USA, UK, and Canda don't require any Schengen Visa for short visit in Europe.

Travel Hacks to Follow:

Smart Booking: If you are on tight budget, start saving from the flight booking itself. Search for ticket price on Skyscanner where you will get tickets at cheap rate for Rome, Barcelona, Paris, and so on.

Optimize Accomodation: Always choose your accomodation near city centre, so that you can save money and travel across the city by walking. Nowadays, you will get lot of options for homestays and Airbnb. You will also get family-friendly hostels these days. If you are on solo trip, you will get all the details on couch-surfing website. Websites including Hostelworld and are must to have during your Europe travel to save money.

Avail Daily Transport Pass: Public transport is the best option while traveling in Europe. Make a daily pass for roaming around the city. Choose a suitable pass for you based on your itinerary.

Prepare Own Food: Of course, you must explore street-side food, but you can opt for preparing own food early in the morning. In most of the Airbnbs, kitchen facilities are available. Don't shy away from experimenting your cooking skills. Visit a supermarket chain, buy essentials and prepare your food. You will get some Indian varieties too.

Visit Free Attractions around the City: Throughout the Schengen region, there are thousands of attractive places you can visit without any payment. After reaching the city, get a map and start from these places. They are truly attractive.

Focus on Your Health: It's important to focus on your health while visiting Europe. If you are traveling across the city by walking, don't choose heavy shoes which put lot of pressure on your legs. Wear comfortable shoes and slippers. Always carry instant coffee or tea mixes with you to save EUR 2 to EUR 3 each time you need energy. Apart from that, carry, own water bottle and fill it from taps. You will get safe and healthy drinking water everywhere. Don't spend money on buying extra bottles everytime. If you are feeling uneasy while traveling, take break in public washrooms.

Always remember, money exchange should be done through authentic places, and not from street-side shops.

To roam around Europe at a modest budget, choose budget-friendly countries or cities such as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Romania.