Viral Story of the Day: A Typical Work Day in Antarctica Scares Netizens

Viewers confused the diligence and hardship of working out in Antarctica with closing a door on a moving train.

There is little doubt that working conditions in Antarctica vary considerably from those in other parts of the world. For the researchers and scientists posted there, the harsh weather and constant gusts make life difficult. Even the workout at Antarctica seems like an event of unreal, strenuous efforts.

The 47th Polish Antarctic Expedition's leader, Tomasz Kurczaba, just posted a film to give an overview of these circumstances.

Details of the video

He published the clip on Instagram and captioned it, "Typical workday in Antarctica." The video was shot on King George Island, Antarctica. An expeditionary is seen in the opening of the video standing in front of an entrance and attempting to shut it. It initially appears as though they are attempting to shut down the entrance of a train that is moving. But it doesn't take long to realise that the motion outside the door is actually caused by a powerful wind and snow.


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It was published on May 8th. Since being posted, the video has received about 25 million views, and the stats are still rising. Furthermore, the post has gotten a lot of feedback and likes.

Netizens' react 

The viewers were awestruck by the calamity and ferocity of the Antarctic weather shown in the video. They didn't hide from expressing their amusement and fear in the comment section of the video.

"I thought it was a train," commented an Instagram user. "The new snowpiercer series looks wild," joked another. "Wait…. So this isn’t a moving train?" added a third. "Serious question. if she/he would have lost grip of the door would they have been ok?" asked a fourth. To which, Kurczaba replied, "Probably no because next to doors is the southern ocean." A fifth wrote, "Am i the only one that thought they were on a train?"