Vejrgang: The Prince of FIFA

In the FUT Champions, Vejrgang simply mocks his rivals who are elder and better experienced than him

In the last decade, the gaming industry has demonstrated an impressive expansion which happened because of contemporary computers, gaming laptops and other gaming devices. The internet too sported a role as the gaming industry started offering online games beside the offline ones. In offline gaming, there’s truly no competition because one cannot play with other gamers. In some games, there are multiplayer modes where two participants can go against each other. However, the online gaming circuit is extraordinary as a participant can fight against millions of competitors from various corners of the world.

While there are several online games and competitions, FIFA is remarkable in the world because it is overcrowded with talented performers and it’s challenging for anybody to dictate the platform for long. However, there’s an exception and the name of that exception is Anders Vejrgang.

14-year champion

Hailing from Denmark, the 14-year-old Vejrgang is a champion online FIFA gamer who has lost no match till date. A few days back, the player picked up his 360th game, which took his poll to 360 wins and 0 losses. In the gaming field, Anders Vejrgang is the official FIFA player of the team RB Leipzig and he takes part in all the tournaments with Leipzig.

FUT Champions and other competitions

The FUT Champions is the toughest online football game in the world. A participant can simply play 30 games per week which are organized on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Upon winning the matches, a performer is awarded FUT points. The professional with maximum points in a week is positioned as one. Furthermore, the best FUT players are accorded the opportunity of competing in the Weekend League (Best of the best).

In December 2020, Anders created a world record by winning 300 games and suffering none. He also received acknowledgment for winning all the 30 games in a week and so far, he has taken part in 10 Weekend Leagues. On his Twitch channel, he streams his gaming videos, which are viewed by over 50,000 fans.

His team

The virtual side of Anders includes professional players such as Neymar, Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Patrick Vieira, Ruud Gullit, Adama Traore, Joao Cancelo, Kyle Walker, James Tavernier and Nick Pope. At 14, Anders is already earning thousands of dollars by playing FIFA.

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