Va-Va Vroom: Overview of the evolution of motorcycle

We all have loved to stare at and ride a motorcycle. But do you want to know the evolution of motorcycle? Here are some interesting facts about the evolution of the motorcycle.

  1. Birth of the legend: In all started in 1867 when Ernest Michaux invented the motorcycle which was powered by steam. The idea was brought to life in his father’s bicycle factory. At the same time in 1868, American inventor Sylvester H. Roper developed a twin-cylinder steam engine powered with a coal furnace.
  2. First gasoline-powered motorcycle: Petroleum Reitwagen debuted in 1885 as a motorized cycle powered by a gas-based combustion engine. German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach worked on this masterpiece. It was dubbed as the first motorcycle of modern times!
  3. First mass-production attempt couldn’t sustain: In 1894, the first mass-production factory line for motorcycle production was started by a German company, Hildebrand &Wolfmüller. Although it couldn’t sustain commercially, it was the catalyst for the motorcycle industry as after that many companies were established and became successful.
  4. Beginning of 20th century changed it all: The rise of big manufacturers like Triumph, The Indian Manufacturing Company, The English Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson was seen at the turn of the century. The demand for motorcycle increased manifolds in early the 1900s. Even motorcycle races were organized, which further pushed sales and demand for more powerful engines and new design.

5.Evolution during first and second world wars: As the world was going through the two world wars, the motorcycle industry saw huge production trends. Harley Davidson was producing motorcycles for the army, and when the soldiers would return, they would buy the civilian models. Many organized motorcycle clubs came into existence and motorcycle was now associated with socializing and fun!

  1. Rise of Sports Bikes: As the craze and dominance of motorcycle culture raged through the 1960s and 70s, a significant change happened. The industry moved from low ride cruisers which were ideal for comfortable long hauls to bikes that prioritized power, speed and handling. Japanese motorcycle manufacturing companies like Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha dominated the scene and became the world’s biggest and loved brands.
  1. Arrival of the 21st century brought diversity: As Japanese brands dominated till the late 1990s, many American and European brands like BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson and Victory also became huge. Now motorcycles drivers know no age or gender barrier. There are numerous female and 60 plus riders around the world.

Love for motorcycles will always remain as they continue to evolve. Does this spark your love to ride a bike?

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