Use of Butter on Face

Butter is a soothing remedy for flaky, dry and itchy skin that tends to look stressed, dull and aged


If serums and moisturiser are failing to intrinsically heal your skin, trust the goodness of butter—unsalted butter, shea or cocoa, to improve moisture content, radiance, collagen, and smoothen the fine lines. Shea butter is restorative especially for its tea-nut oils which are instantly absorbed into the skin rendering it youthful and moisturised for hours. Cocoa is equally splendid when it is the elasticity and suntan you are worried about. 


Butter face masks have healing properties trusted since antiquity.


Blend Strawberry and Butter into a Paste


Strawberry slices when beaten into a thick paste and mixed with butter yield phenomenal results after 15-20 minutes. To this paste, you can add either lemon or cucumber juice depending on oily or dry skin. Ensure to examine the skin texture first before determining the ingredient. 


The mask has an extensive array of benefits:


Treats burns 

Shields skins from UV rays

Removes dead cells and lighten the skin tone

Improves skin texture and firmness


Scoop Out Avocado and Stir with Butter


Avocados being replete with nutrients, sound fats and minerals—including lecithin, lutein, Vitamin C and B carotene, offer a treasure trove of benefits including youthful and supple skin. Avocado and shea butter face mask.

To prepare the concoction, heat an ounce of shea butter and avocado over low fire. Stir the mixture till it is creamy.


Apply the face mask twice a week to enhance radiance and reduce acne induced scars and bruises.


Stir Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil


it is perhaps the easiest application of butter on skin whereby you can extract the benefits of both olive oil and butter. Slather the infusion on the face and beck and wait for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off.


Reputed for adding an instant glow, you can try this mask before leaving for work or hitting the bed. Add a few drops of essential oils and coconut to this concoction for a full-body moisturiser. Tea tree oil is a suitable option if you are prone to breakouts. Skincare experts also recommend using ginger paste into it to gently remove grime.


Try Cucumber and Butter Potion


If you are alarmed by inexplicable red blotches on the skin, cucumber and butter face mask can relieve you of the pestering issue. Mix unsalted butter with cucumber juice before applying evenly on your face. Rinse off with cold water after 10 minutes.


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