Unique vegetarian cuisines of Thailand

They are unique to us and native to the Land Of Smiles Complementing the beautiful, luscious green land and heritage of Thailand is the great tradition of food. The culture around food is as such in Thailand that nothing from the raw form is thrown away as waste, every bit of the vegetable or the animal is utilized. Though, unlike in most other places, the food is sans the powdery spices but rich in animal fat, natural spices, and herbs. Also, most of the food consumed is not deep-fried but boiled or stir-fried dripping in fish and soya sauce. So while you let the city and people amaze you, take a detour through the food streets and lay your hands-on some quirkiest, unique, and delicious food plates that will blow both your minds and taste buds away. Som Tam This is a staple and everyone’s favourite in Thailand. Som Tam means shredded raw green papaya salad tossed with chilies, garlic, sugar, and lime juice among whole other bunch of various spices. Finally, the salad is topped with crushed peanuts giving the crunchy element along with the raw crunch of vegetables. Though traditionally fish sauce is added to the salad, one can always instruct against it. Laab Jay Traditionally a laab consists only of lettuce leaves and meat, but laab jay is vegetarian and is one of the favorite vegetarian dishes in Thailand. Replacing the meat, one can add a variety of tofu that makes it just as delicious as a meat one. But the highlight is the variety of spices that are on the spicier side. You can make it even more delicious by adding pumpkin and onions to it. Pad Phak This issimply themost comforting, delicious, and easy classic vegetarian dish to relish in Thailand. It is a plate full of stir-fried vegetables. Vegetables are stir-fried in spoonfuls of oil, topped with sugar, salt, pepper, and some soy sauce. The sound of this dish may be a bit bland but the healthy mix of spices makes it the most loved by locals and tourists. Pak Boong Also called Morning Glory this dish consists only of a few ingredients like soybean paste, soy sauce, garlic, chilies and is extremely healthy. A salad, Pak Boong is between salty, spicy, sour, and crunchy but satisfies anyone’s palette. But since traditionally it is made with the oyster sauce you can always ask them to omit it. Few other vegetarian dishes are Tom Kha Soup - Thai Coconut Soup, Gang Hed - Thai Mushroom Curry, Jim Jum - Thai Isaan Hot Pot, Thai Vegetable Spring Rolls and grilled mushrooms among others.