Under-Eye Patches – The Newest Trend In Beauty Town!

All you need to know before getting your under-eye patch. Gone are the days when a long day concluded with excellent skin care and hair pampering habits. Our hectic calendar compels us to go to bed without removing our makeup. No matter how hard you try, the bags under your eyes comes with the package of your 9 to 5 routine. Wish there was a natural fix that would keep your under eyes bright and beautiful? Well, here it is! Here is all you need to know about under-eye patches before you purchase them. What do the under-eye patches do? You will find many natural products that claim to eliminate dark circles and under-eye bags instantly, but the truth is, it does not work like that. Under the eye, patches develop due to insomnia, dehydration, allergies and genetic issues. The thin layer of skin also shows results the fastest with any lightening cream you apply. Retinol and vitamin A have been proved to soothe eyes the best and remove puffiness instantly. How to look for the perfect under eye patch When it comes to skin products, you will find many competing brands claiming to be the one for you. But to choose the ideal one, you have to look up the ingredients. Make it a habit to look at the label behind the pack to know what you are actually buying. Ingredients to look for: Here are some of the essential ingredients that should be present in your under-eye patch. Retinol The presence of retinol stimulates collagen and promotes elasticity of the skin. It will lessen the fine lines from appearing on your skin. Kojic dipalmitate A derivative of the kojic acid, it will help lighten the skin under your eyes naturally. Coenzyme A and caffeine These ingredients support micro-circulation and ease out the puffiness. Shea butter and squalene They replenish the skin lipid barrier and keep your face smooth and lush. Having said these, here are some ingredients that you must avoid. The list is primarily about artificial fragrances and plant extracts, but if you find any on the package, drop it! Lemon oil, grapefruit and methanol are things you don’t want to experiment with. People with allergies should stay clear of these. No matter how natural the product is, if it causes irritation, you need to wash it off immediately.