Types Of Ice Creams Around The World

It’s summer and ice cream is the ultimate treat for everyone across the globe. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! It is officially ice cream season and it’s a no brainer that every one of us about to indulge is some. Naturally, like all good things, ice cream comes in all shapes and forms. There are many forms of variations in how people across the world enjoy their ice creams. Here are some of the most delicious types of ice cream you can find around the world.

Mochi Ice Cream, Japan
Bring the two most extremes and meld it into one. Mochi ice cream is literally the most American treat you can find with the most Japanese flavour. This frozen dessert includes a mochi(sticky rice made into a softer texture) filled with ice cream stuffing of flavours like red bean or green tea. Found in most groceries in Japan and around the world, this Japanese dessert is an absolute delicacy.
Gelato, Italy
Now most Italians would disagree that gelato and ice cream are the same thing, but as long as it’s frozen, we are good. Similar in the deliciousness factor but different in terms of texture, gelato is usually more milky and dense as compared to the conventional ice cream. What’s better is that gelato contains lesser calories since there’s more milk than cream in it. So, the next time you are on a diet and craving some ice cream, just grab a gelato.
Foie Gras Ice Cream, France
The French never go wrong with their desserts! They have taken the American treat and turned it into a legit delicacy. However, people are still not very convinced about the process that goes into making this dessert. It involves over-fattening of a duck liver and that could be counted as borderline cruelty. Nevertheless, it is still one of the tastiest take on ice cream and the French have done it again!
Dondurama, Turkey
Remember those hilarious videos on the internet you see where the customer just can’t seem to get hold of their ice cream cones as the vendor plays some amazing tricks with them? Yeah, that’s Dondurama aka stretchy ice cream. This ice cream has a weird pliability almost like a taffy, where it does not stick or melt. The ice cream is made with salep, which is a kind of flour extracted from orchids.