Travel Ideas in India for your 20s

Living a globetrotter’s life in 20s lets you savour the finer taste of travelling 

Touring to soak in the mind-boggling experiences.  Camping in the Thar Desert Spending a night in Jaisalmer under a star-drenched sky is an experience! The sheer excitement of being a nomad and bivouacking in the desert bidding adieu to hotel facilities and luxuries is phenomenal. Your rides to these camps would be pretty offbeat as you would venture into the unknown surrounded by acres of sand stretched under the blue sky. Usually, the camping part comes after a quintessential desert safari which will end as the sun sets on the horizon amidst the dunes. While camping, you would experience a curious amalgamation of emotions— thrill, bizarre, adventurous, ecstatic, and an array of gastronomical delights. Scream and Raft in Rishikesh The pleasure of river rafting in Rishikesh is accentuated manifold by the breathtaking scenic vistas you can catch a glimpse of. Rafting here is often clubbed with other adventures including camping, cliff jumping, rock climbing and hiking. The crevices and ravines accompanied by the picturesque of Uttarakhand add several ounces of romance to rafting. In no time, you would be dealing with the rapids of the Ganges. With high and irregular waves, a few stretches require resilience and stamina on part of the rafters too. Stroll in the Nilgiris  The plenitude of flora, old mountain trails, gushing cascades, wildlife, trekking routes and meandering streams make Nilgiris a mini paradise. Its allure is distinct especially since it is home to the four dazzlingly beautiful hill stations Ooty, Coonoor, Gudalur and Kotagiri. On the chilly mornings, as you cycle or take a walk through the mountain roads, you would be delighted by the sheer sight of Kuringi flowers bursting in a bright violet hue on the hill slopes making the ranges look astoundingly purple. Trust me, 20s are the best to explore the entirety the UNESCO World Heritage Site has to offer—lakes, waterfalls, wildlife, peaks and viewpoints. Ski in Auli  Snow-capped mountains in Auli is a time machine to transport you to a utopian world of heavenly bliss. Skiing in this wonderful Himalayan range wrapped in layers of snow would chill you to bones yet make you gape at the serene vistas stretching far on the horizon. The place is speckled with ancient and pilgrimage sites. Skiing, you would come across spectacular viewpoints; deodar and oak forests sloping down the ranges and wild meadows carpeted out 3056 sea level are worth mentioning.