Top Players Who Switched Their Nation Teams

These players switched their nationality and represented another country in the FIFA World Cup tournament

Switching nationality and performing for another state is universally regarded as a betraying activity in the football community. In the sport’s history, several professionals have done so but their actions should never be criticized because they have logical reasons. Some of them moved with their tribes as a new-born to another country, whereas a few others wished the opportunity to play in the World Cup. In this piece, we’ve compiled a list of few such players who swapped their nationality and represented another country on the global stage.

Kevin-Prince Boateng- Born and brought up in Germany, Kevin-Prince Boateng is the half-brother of defender Jerome Boateng. A Ghanaian by birth, Kevin started his playing career in Germany with Hertha BSC and went onto represent the German national U-19 and U-21 team. However, he switched his nationality to Ghana because he felt more Ghanaian than German.

Gonzalo Higuain- Born in France, Higuain moved to Argentina when he was merely 10 months old with his family. Since he was born in France, he received a French citizenship but for his Argentinian roots; he played for the Argentinian team.

Diego Costa- A Brazilian by birth, Costa played for the yellow side in two friendlies. However, he switched his nationality in 2013 and became a Spanish player. Brazilian manager Scolari accused him of betrayal and said, “turning his back on a dream of millions.”

Christian Benteke- When Benteke was three, his family along with him fled to Belgium from DR Congo to escape the authoritarian regime of King Mobutu. Since becoming a player, Benteke has represented the team of Belgium.

Alphonso Davies- A star man in the present squad of Bayern Munich, Davies was born in a Ghanaian refugee camp after his family fled from Liberia to escape the civil war. At five, he moved to Canada and after turning into a pro football player; Davies chose the Canadian jersey.

Wilfried Zaha- Born in Ivory Coast, Wilfried Zaha has been living in the UK since he was a 4-year-old kid. After becoming a footballer, he represented the England national team on several occasions. However, he felt it was better to represent his motherland and therefore; he switched his allegiance from England to Ivory Coast.

Jack Grealish- Born in England with grandparents from the Republic of Ireland, Jack Grealish chose his birthplace than the country of his origin. Although he played for the Ireland’s youth team, Grealish is now a member of the Three Lions.