Top Five Rivalries in Formula One History

In 72 years, Formula One has witnessed several legendary rivalries that are going to be relished for centuries

The first Formula One championship was held in 1950. Since then, the fastest motorsport on earth has given birth to many legendary rivalries. There have been fights, not merely on the track but also off the tracks. Frequently, those rivalries turned ugly, but they are a part of history books and they are to be relished for centuries.

Why this article is worth your time?

Formula One is a historic sport. It is a motorsport that has pushed the automobile industry of the world to create unimaginable engines. Engines and machines that people never imagined would run on the tracks. Therefore, it is crucial to know and pay respect to those racers who fought each other hard, not just for the title but also to entertain the world.

Hamilton vs Verstappen: Brilliant fights and ugly controversies

In 2021, Verstappen finally defeated Hamilton to win the F1 title after trying for years. In the past few seasons, both the drivers have thrown everything at each other. They have cursed; they have crashed, and they have given birth to controversies. Their rivalry is likely to continue because Hamilton will not give up and neither will Verstappen back out.

Lauda vs. Hunt: They got the best out of each other

Lauda was calm, composed, and sincere. Hunt was a talented man but at the same time, chaotic. Two racers, poles apart, gave their all on the tracks to bring each other down. In the process, they got the best out of each other. Lauda won the title in 1975, whereas Hunt took his revenge in 1976. In 1977, Lauda came back at Hunt and regained the title.

Mansell vs. Piquet: Clean on the tracks

These two legendary drivers kept things clean between themselves on the track, unlike the other rivals. Piquet was a double champion when he reached the paddock of the Williams and his teammate was Mansell. Piquet never thought Mansell would become a thorn in his throat. In 1991, Mansell won his first whereas, in 1992, Piquet showed who is the boss by winning his third.

Senna vs. Prost: Their rivalry had everything

Saved the best for the last, Senna-Prost rivalry had everything. From crashing into each other to cursing each other off the track and then leaving the team to join another team; their rivalry is still the best. Prost ended with four titles whereas Senna’s untimely death did not let him win over three.

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