Top destinations for the cycling enthusiast in Japan

Cycling is a good habit, which involves almost all the bones and muscles of your body.

Japan has various cycling roads perfect for you, even if you are a beginner or an expert athlete. From roads across the river to uphill, you will definitely enjoy some adventurous bicycle rides in Japan. Here is the list of the top five destinations for the cycling enthusiast in Japan

“Imabari” and the “Shimanami Kaido Cycling Road”, most famous road for cyclists:

There is a 70-kilometer long “Setouchi Shimanami Kaido” that includes Japan’s first strait-traversing cycling road. This place is regarded as a “cyclist’s paradise.” The “Imabari”part of “Shimanami Kaido”serves as a base for the cyclists from the island of Shikoku. There are at least 14 rent-cycle terminals. You can freely drop off bikes or rent them here for the route from Hiroshima to Imabari. This is an ideal course for a thrilling cycling trip.

Awaji Island, a beautiful road along the river:

The cyclists can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the island’s coast-hugging roads. You can easily get a cycling map there. It introduces courses that will satisfy both beginners andexpert riders. Numerous circuit courses are designed to perfectly suit the level and objectives. You will definitely get an adventurous ride there. You can ride a continuous stretch of 150 Km in a day or take a rest in nearby hotels and start on the next day.

Nasu, Itamuro, and Kuroiso, famous for expert riders to go uphill:

This region is located around Nasu in the mountainous Tochigi prefecture. This area is well-known for Japan’s leading highland resorts along with hot springs, situatedat the base of the majestic “Nasu mountain range”. You can reach this place easily from Tokyo, thus gaining popularity in a short period. Both beginners and expert riders will enjoy cycling there. There are various courses available starting from short-distance courses to hill-climbing routes. You can climb Mt. Nasutake by cycling. Cyclists are rewarded with unique “cycle pits”, popular for this region.

Aizuwakamatsu and Kitakata, famous for beautiful roads and scenery:

This area is known as the “Okawa-Kitakata Cycling Road”. The road isa nearly 49 km-long bike path that runs starts at Aizuwakamatsu and ends at Kitakata keeping the Okawa river, flowing northward, in the famous “Aizu region” of “Fukushima Prefecture”. Due to its astonishing beauty, this area attracts numerous tourists across the world every year. There are several historic sites nearby also. If you are a cyclist, you will surelyenjoy the well-maintained roads and the beautiful scenery. You may also visit“Aizu’s castle town” and the attractive Mt. Bandai.

Matsuyama and Dogo, a beautiful cycling road across “hot spring resort town”:

This road is also famous among cyclists. The road is approximately 46 kmlong.It runs through the “Matsuyama-Imabari Course” along the seashore from Imabari station. It also serves as the “Shikoku-side base” for the “Shimanami Kaido”. It goes past the“Dogo Onsen”, the attractive hot spring resort town. The surrounding area is prepared so efficiently that cyclists can enjoy the ride fully. You will find properly marked roads for safety purposes. You will get valuable resting time in the Dogo area and start your journey again.

If you are a cyclist, do visit those beautiful locations in Japan.

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