Top Assist Provider of FA Cup

One of the most prestigious football tournaments in the world, FA Cup, has witnessed the rising of some great assist providers in the last decade

Around the world, there are several football knockout tournaments. For example, Spain has the Copa del Rey whereas the Coppa Italia is the knockout tournament of Italy. However, these tournaments are not close to the FA Cup; England’s knockout football tournament. In the last 10 years, the tournament has witnessed the rising of numerous great assist providers. This article is about them.

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Given the status of the FA Cup, it is important to note the key players of the tournament. Goal scorers and clean sheet keepers are remembered for a long time. However, people forget those who help the goal scorers score the goals. They are assist providers and without them, scoring a goal in football is difficult. Therefore, remembering the stellar performances of the assist providers is crucial.

Christian Eriksen in 2017 was Tottenham’s secret weapon

In 2017, Danish player Christian Eriksen turned to be the secret weapon of Tottenham club. Although the club did not reach the final, Eriksen in merely three matches provided six assists; the maximum between 2010 and 2022. It was his performance that guided the team to the year’s semi-final game. In the entire year, Eriksen played 50 games, scoring 12 goals and 23 assists.

After Eriksen’s six, the next number is four and too many players achieved that feat

After Eriksen’s six assists, the next number is four. Between 2010 and 2021, several players have provided four assists in the tournament. Chelsea’s Juan Mata provided four in 2012, followed by Colchester United’s Sordell in 2016. In 2018, Peterborough United’s Maddison scored four assists, whereas in 2019, the feat was achieved by City’s Kevin. In 2020, it was Rotherham’s Ogbene.

For many, three assists may not be of any significance, but in FA Cup, they are important

In 2014, Sheffield United’s Murphy played seven matches and provided three assists. The following year, Bradford City’s Billy Clarke rose to the occasion and scored three assists in six matches. In 2021, South Korea’s striker cum winger Son Heung-min scored three assists in two matches. Last but not the least, in the ongoing edition, Shrewsbury Town’s NathanealOgbeta has already racked up three assists.