Top 6 science fiction web series

Travel to a world of science fiction with these mind-blowing web series.

The best way to escape reality is to indulge in some fantasy shows. The best part about them is that they leave you craving for more and more, even after finishing the entire series.

Thus, satiate your appetite for everything science, fiction and fantasy by binge-watching the below shows.

  • Black Mirror
With each episode exploring a different topic, Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror takes some of the current technology and social phenomenon to its extreme and ponders on the question of whether human nature can survive with it. The addictive anthology provides an inside into the future and makes you worry about what is to come.
  • Dark
A German time-traveller thriller, Dark revolves around the story of four families in a small town whose dark past catches up with them as some of their children start to go missing. This mesmerizing series will have you put your mind to work by trying to remember all the characters, as they travel through different time zones.
  • Haphead
Haphead provides an eerily relatable plotline around the topic of virtual reality. It follows the story of Maxine and her friends, who discover experimental haptic peripherals and find that they retain the skills they learnt in the virtual gaming environment. They become members of an underground rebel group and use the technology to learn destructive combat skills.
  • Anamnesis
The story of Anamnesis involves a group of individuals whose lives are affected by lucid dreaming, a mysterious phenomenon. With stunning cinematography and captivating performances, the science fiction mystery creates a world where reality and dreams interweave in erratic ways.
  • The Magicians
Based on the Lev Grossman novel of the same name, The Magicians tells the story of a man named Quentin, who enrols in a college for magicians called Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. It shows you an imaginative world and the conflict that is ever-present inside it.
  • The 4400
The 4400 is one of the most underrated series. It imagines a world where 4,400 people suddenly vanish from Earth in the early 20th century. Decades later, they reappear looking the same as they did when they disappeared, but some of them also have specials powers. What unfolds is a mystery as officers try to monitor them.

Ready to dive into a world of science fiction through web series?