Top 5 Monopolies in India

Monopolies are the giants of the industry who don't have any competition.

Monopolies are usually a single business operating in an industry, which sells a unique product or service that is difficult to replicate and has the highest market share. So to put in simpler words monopolies is that kid in a cricket match who owns both the ball and the bat. Therefore, it can be easily understood what their power is. They become the trendsetter and price leader in the market and influence the business decisions of other players in that industry.

So here we will look into the top five companies in India that have managed to acquire the monopoly position in their respective industries:

IRCTC – 100%

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a state-owned entity that provides ticketing, catering, and tourism services to the Indian Railways. It is the only organisation that provides these services thus making it the largest monopoly in the country. Although it was initially established as a government organization, it currently has its stock traded on the NSE. Where India is still providing IRCTC with the monopoly status, countries like the UK have bought in private players by allowing them to bid for rail lines. 


Hindustan Aeronautics India Limited is an aerospace and defence company, of which the government owns around 75% of the total stake. It has been operating for more than 79 years and is associated with designing, fabricating, and assembling aircraft, jet engines, helicopters, and their spare parts. It is considered one of the largest aerospace companies in Asia.

Nestle Cerelac

Set up in 1866 in Switzerland, Nestle is considered one of the world's leading nutrition, health, and wellness companies. And Cerelac is one of the products of Nestle which is an instant cereal for infants. This product has made Nestle an undisputed market leader in the baby food segment and has been there for a century now in the Indian market. It has a market share of around 96.5% with several other competitors.

Coal India Limited

Coal India Limited is a public sector undertaking company that is the largest coal-producing company in the world. It produces coal through 7 of its subsidiaries contributing up to  82% of the total coal production in India.

Hindustan Zinc Limited

With a 78% market share in India’s primary zinc industry, Hindustan Zinc Limited holds a monopoly in the industry.t is the world's second-largest zinc-lead miner and the fourth largest zinc-lead smelter. It was incorporated as Metal Corporation of India in 1966 as a Public sector undertaking. It produces integrated mining and resources of zinc, silver, cadmium and lead. Today the Government of India holds 29.5%, and its parent Vedanta Limited holds 64.9% of its shareholding. The competitors of HZL are India Coal, Hindalco and NALCO.