Top 10 movie posters of all time

Posters are the first thing we see about a movie. It is the very first source of information and it gives out the very first impression about a movie. Thus, it can be regarded as one of the most important parts of movie promotion. If we go by design there is nothing called a perfect design, but for a movie poster to work certain things need to be in place. Like it has to reflect the theme of the movie, it needs to be engaging and lastly, it needs to be unique and something out of the box. A film poster that is too fancy but tells very little about the movie will not be considered as a good poster, rather a simple design that has sufficient information and which gives out the theme of the movie and makes viewers curious about it and still doesn't reveal the storyline is what is going to work. So let’s look out some of the best film posters ever which made us fall in love with the movie even more: The Godfather One of the greatest films ever made also has a very attractive yet simple poster. The puppeteering logo from Mario Puzo‘s novel cover is super catchy and amazingly reflects the idea of the film  The Graduate The poster beautifully tells the theme of the film. The best part of this poster is that it‘s cleverly done, rather than plastering the design with nudity and sensualism, its creator took a much more subtle route. It is simple and yet reflects the intention of the film. Rosemary’s Baby Rosemary’s Baby poster gives out the exact haunted theme the film wanted to portray. The juxtaposition between giant, ghostly Mia Farrow and the tiny shadow of the baby carriage carries that uneasy feeling. The idea of a baby carriage left alone on top of a cliff conjures up the idea of danger, but the poster asks you to question who’s really in danger here—the baby, or the mother? Mean Streets This amazing poster is good at both, the design and in giving out the message it wanted. It has captured the feel of New York through an image collage similar to modern vector artwork; the few details in the negative space give it structure. The design is clever and was ahead of its time. The Dark knight Rises One of the best posters in recent times, The Dark Knight Rises’s poster beautifully expresses the rise of the knight by using the Batman logo creating the sky, as seen through the rubble of a collapsing cityscape (Which defines Gotham). The best part is there are no characters, no tagline, not even a title—and yet, everybody knows exactly what it is based on the amazing visual cues worked into the design. Moon Moon’s poster perfectly encapsulates the movie’s trippy atmosphere and feeling of isolation. Staring at this poster for too long is bound to make you a little dizzy, which works perfectly with the film’s atmosphere. The poster is creative and subtle. Scarface This poster is way ahead of its time, the two colours used to portray the two sides of the story are amazing. It's simple, the clean design uses negative space and shadows to create a sense of power. Al Pacino blends in and out of both the shadows and the light, creating an optical illusion that shows the unpredictability of his character. Vertigo Saul Bass the legendary Hollywood designer created this movie poster for Hitchcock’s psychological thriller Vertigo. It is both complex and hypnotically simple, immediately drawing in and disorienting the audience. Silence of the Lambs This strange and unusual looking poster has a deep meaning to it which you will only realise after watching the film. But saying that, it also did justice in attracting the viewers towards it. The hidden image in the skull-like structure on the awkmoth’s head is actually an old photograph taken by surrealist artist Salvador Dali. Rumour has it that the seven bodies are a reference to the women victims in the movie. This makes the moth covering Foster’s mouth even more chilling, implying the “silence” of the movie’s title. Jurassic Park The most iconic poster of all time, Jurassic Park’s poster says it all about the movie. It has the dinosaur, the park and the red colour of blood. It uses a dinosaur skeleton and didn’t use a picture because according to the designer all that’s left of real dinosaurs are bones.