Ton Sai Beach: A Refreshing Getaway from Krabi, Thailand

Ton Sai Beach is a hidden gem located near Krabi Town, Thailand.

Thanks to its laid-back vibes, the beach is ideal for those seeking an escape from all the hustle-bustle of city life.

Moreover, it offers plenty of activities that may rejuvenate your soul by all means.

Ton Sai Beach is a captivating destination tucked away between Railay and Ao Nang beaches, in the Krabi province of Thailand. This beach remains quiet, pleasant, as well as secluded all year round, making it stand apart from the neighboring islands. Also, it looks exceptionally beautiful, thanks to the turquoise waters, soft sands, lush palm groves, and massive rock formations. On the other hand, it offers various adventure activities to those craving some adrenaline rush. Moreover, there are some restaurants, food stalls, and beachside eateries that serve authentic, delicious Thai food. In a nutshell, a three-day trip here is all you need to cheer yourself up!

How to reach Ton Sai Beach

From Krabi, you have several ways to get to Tom Sai Beach. The best option is to take a taxi/bus/tuktuk from the bus station and reach Ao Nang Pier. Taxi takes 45 minutes, while bus and tuk tuk take around 1 and 1.5 hours respectively. From there, you can hire a long-tailed boat, which requires only 10 minutes to reach the destination.

Best time to visit

Ton Sai Beach has a tropical climate. So, it observes hot temperature as well as humid atmosphere most of the time. The best season to visit there is between December and March, as it allows you to explore without any hassle.

Things to do

There are lots of activities to do here. The most popular one among visitors is rock climbing, as Ton Sai is blessed with some tall, colorful limestone cliffs. You can either go solo or with a group, but be sure to get some thrilling experiences along the way. Also, it’s suitable for both beginners as well as skilled climbers. Besides, you can rent a kayak and go explore the surroundings for the whole day. Snorkeling is also possible here, and it allows you to experience the underwater world in a completely magical way. On the other hand, there are several scuba-diving centers as well. And if you are not into adventure, then you can do yoga, practice meditation, or get a relaxing massage at a local spa.

Good to know

The beach is home to a few shops that sell snacks, clothes, and other accessories. However, the prices are on a higher scale.

As already mentioned, there are many spots serving delicious Thai food. Some of the must-try items are Banana Loaf, Mango Sticky Rice, etc.

It’s possible to rent a bungalow and stay on Ton Sai for months.

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