Tips to make clothes look more expensive

You don’t need big money to dress like a celebrity.

Making your clothes look classier and more expensive doesn’t always require you to loot a brand store. No matter the budget, you can make your clothes look more expensive than it is. Fashion being a personal choice requires closer attention to what you like to wear, what you can afford while keeping in mind the current year’s fashion trends.

Here are a few tips to make your clothes look more expensive.

  1. Fit matters – You know how the celebrities never go for an off-the-rack look? That’s because they get the outfit fitted from the tailor before wearing them. Fit is important for any look. Snaggy fits or too tight-fitted clothes are a big no-no.
  2. Add pointy pairs – Adding a pair of pointy shoes to the outfit will immediately elevate the status of your outfit.
  3. Steam, don’t iron – Clothes with creases and random folds do not scream, I am expensive. Clothes that are synthetic or polyester cannot be ironed but they can be steamed. Steaming your outfit will not only fight out those pesky creases but also protect the garment.
  4. Know your fabric and prints – Don’t be afraid to mix prints and patterns in the same colour palette.
  5. Know your fashion store – There are many flagship stores who provide high fashion at an affordable price. Fast fashion can make you look like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks.
  6. LOTS OF IT! – Adding layers to your outfit can elevate the chic scale of your outfit.
  7. When in doubt, throw a blazer on it – Blazers can be god-sent when required. Don’t have enough time to put an outfit together? Add a blazer on top of your work-dress to make it look more sophisticated. Blazers are such a fashion piece; you can use it amp up your outfit.
  8. Big and small, not a problem – Adding a tiny clutch to your look will offset your regular look. A tiny purse paired with a huge jacket is the sophisticated look this season.
  9. Know your fabrics – Fabrics like linen, suede, cotton have that air of sophistication they can pass off onto your outfit. Linen is so comfortable and feels expensive as well. And although, you might not be able to afford suede, a faux-suede jacket will give the pricy vibes.