Tips to keep your nails healthy

Start taking care of those gorgeous manicured nails now! Staying healthy and exercising to get abs and a fit body has become the latest fashion now and it’s all for the good. But more often than not, we forget to take care of the small things in our body that also need our attention. For example, nails. How many of you actually take care of your nails the way you take care of your skin? We bet 80% people don’t bother keeping their nails as healthy as they try to keep their other body parts. So, here we give you some amazing tips to keep your nails strong, healthy and gorgeous looking… Keep those fingernails dry and clean – The last thing you want is your nails to have bacteria growing in them. So the only way to prevent them is to keep them dry and clean. Especially when you are washing your dishes or clothes by hand, prolonged exposure to water can split them. So it is advisable to wear rubber gloves while doing these activities. Keep them moisturized – Sounds strange right? But just like your skin, nails too need a lot of care in the form of moisturizing. Every time you wash your hands or feel your nails are dry, apply some moisturizer and see how healthy they will start looking! Keep your nails short – Surely this will break your heart but keeping your nails short is extremely advisable if you want to keep them healthy. They will break lesser and also grow in a healthy way like it is supposed to. Apply a protective layer – Just the way you have your skincare routine; you should add a step of protective layering to your nails as well. Some cuticle oil will be a saving grace if you think your nails are drying out and not looking healthy enough. Eat healthy – Eating healthy is extremely important to keep your body healthy. Eat loads of calcium rich food to keep your nails from going yellow and looking like dead scales. Stop putting too much chemical on your nails – We can’t stress on this enough, girl! If you want healthy nails you better stop using nail polishes that contain too much harsh chemicals. Use the natural and vegan products that will not only make your nails look good but also have essential oils in them!